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How do Missed Call Services Work?


Advertisement/promotion seen by a customer

Your virtual number is seen in an advertisement and the customer calls

Call lands, then disconnects

When the call lands on your virtual number, linked to the missed call flow in your account, the call is disconnected

To generate leads, spreadsheets are used

The contact information for your callers can be exported to a Google spreadsheet

Text or phone call backs automatically

  Whenever a customer's call is missed, an automated call back or SMS can be sent to them


Importance Of Missed Call Alerts To Operators

Often mobile subscribers are unable to receive and answer calls. The reason may be the lack of network availability and business or personal engagement. Missed calls services provide several benefits to the operators, such as.

1.    Increased call pickup rates and thus increase in revenue

2.    It improves the user experience

3.    MCA provides productivity to business users.


Benefits Of Missed Call Alert Service


1. The probable comeback of your agents and customers

There are no worries of losing even a single lead just because the receiver of your call is busy, as the missed alert service will be ready to ring the notification. Thus it is beneficial for every telecom operator to install a missed call alert service system as the success of every business lies in the communication channel, which should be barrier-free and quick in this modern era.

2. Your customers are connected

It’s just a matter of fact that which is of crucial importance for every entrepreneur that his customers are his prized procession and he should be the one to care about them thus it will increase the customer count as well as flourish his business and getting them notified every time through missed call alert is a very smart way as they will every time come to know that someone was trying to connect with him and thus they might not miss any single moment.    

3.  A helping hand for surveys, voting, and matter of national importance

Companies are keen on conducting surveys from time to time, missed call alert service is the best way to connect with people and impart the wisdom for a better choice and motivate them to be a part of something big.





No of Miss call free


2000 Rs


Half Yearly

4000 Rs



7500 Rs


  18% tax applicable on the above pricing       

Facilities we Provided:-


Auto reply SMS charge deducts from Transnational route balance.

Services available for minimum 3 months

Self-edited Auto reply.

Registration for your number from the operator will take time of 4 to 5 Day.

Missed Call Alert: What You Need To Know


  • Integrating emails, SMS messages and IVR
    Easy integration of SMS and email, as well as Toll Free and IVR services.


  • Speak the text.
    Voice-to-text technology can record your voice file instantly.


  • Web-based management panel
    Check the status of missed calls using a web-based panel, which is accessible from anywhere.


  • The ringtone
    Plays until the call is answered.


  • Live updates
    Will show you all missed calls in real time. Your reports can be accessed from any computer at any time.


We follow a process


  1. Implement missed call alerts for Toll Free Numbers
  2. The user calls this toll free number, which gets disconnected after one ring
  3. Thanks SMS is automatically sent to the mobile phone of the caller.
  4. The caller phone number is forwarded to your email, mobile phone via SMS, or SAP/Web/ERP application to complete further processing.
  5. It supports unlimited incoming calls that can be processed LIVE
  6. Web Control Panel to Access Live Leads.