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Utilize our auto dialer software to increase agent productivity and eliminate manual number dialing.

What is an auto dialer?

Outbound dialer software that auto dials outbound contacts for you is called an autodialer. A greeting can be played, an IVR input can be requested, and more based on the call flow. Depending on certain conditions, different agents can handle different calls.

Working of auto dialer software

An explanation of how to set up an automatic dialer software & utilize it to enhance the efficiency of your outgoing contact center.

1. Upload Contact Information:

Create several calling lists using the client contact information after automatically segmenting it.

2. Management of the dialing list:

Create the rules so that contacts are fetched, filtered, given higher priority, assigned, and managed in accordance with the rules.

3. Use your dialer wisely:

To manage how your auto-dialer places outbound calls, choose the most pertinent dialing algorithm and specify your calling strategy.

4. Post-Call Actions:

Depending on the result of a call, manage and switch leads between dialing lists.

Features of an auto dialer

Auto dialer software is a powerful tool used by businesses and organizations to streamline their outbound calling processes. It is a computer-based system that automatically dials a list of phone numbers and connects the call to an agent only when a live person answers the phone.

1. Call Recording

All conversations can be tracked with auto dialers that record calls. Later, the recordings can be used for training and quality assurance.

2. IVR

Utilize IVR to create a personalized customer experience. By collecting information, you can connect customers to the right agents faster in the future.

How an auto dialer can boost your business communication?

This is how an auto dialer service provider can boost business communication by 4 ways.

1. Saves time

Placing manual outbound calls for a large number of customers is time-consuming. An automatic outbound dialer ensures a streamlined and scalable outbound calling process.

2. Reduces manpower

Auto dialer software helps cut down on manpower by significantly increasing agent productivity, thereby enabling companies to achieve more with fewer resources.

3. Increases sales

An auto dialer significantly increases a company’s sales as it can make more calls than a human agent in the same period of time, and also can make calls in parallel. Hence, resulting in more sales

4. Increases revenue

Using an automated dialer software, businesses can generate and convert more leads, ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

Features of an auto dialer

1. Call Recording

Auto dialers enable to track all conversations with call recording. The recordings can be utilized later for quality and training purposes.

2. IVR

Create personalized customer call experiences using IVR. It enables you to collect information which can be used later to connect customers to the right agents faster.

3. Call reporting

Keep a close tab on how your business phone system is performing with daily and weekly call reports.

Auto dialer for call centers

1. Lead generation

Phone calls still remain a very effective channel for generating leads in B2B & B2C scenarios. Dialers can help in optimizing the complete lead generation process.

2. Feedback

Taking customer feedback is quite crucial for growth & superior customer experience. It’s proven that feedback calls tend to get better responses when compared to emails & SMS.

3. Lead Nurture

In the case of inbound leads, the lesser the response time, the better is the conversion rate. A dialer software helps you to qualify & nurture the leads faster.

Advantages of using an auto dialer software

    Auto dialer software offers a range of advantages for businesses and organizations looking to improve their outbound calling processes. Here are some of the key advantages of using auto dialer software:

    1. No manual number entry

    No need to dial each customer’s contact number manually. Auto dialer does the dialing, while your agents can focus on talking and winning customers.

    2. Reduced effort

    Making manual outbound calls to a large number of customers every single day is prone to errors. Customer’s contact file can be imported to your auto-dialer system to avoid this problem.

    3. Report analysis

    Understand how many calls were answered, which agent took the most number of calls from Hence Digital Telematics detailed reporting.

    4. Seamless data collection

    An auto dialer software is helpful to send out surveys to a large group of people. It can be integrated with your CRM to collect results seamlessly.

    Why Hence Digital Telematic?

    Here’s why you should use Hence Digital auto dialer software

    1. No installation cost

    No extra charge for infrastructure or setup

    2. Best-in-class features

    Features like call recording, call tracking, IVR & more

    3. Integrate easily

    Integrate our APIs seamlessly with all the leading CRMs in the market.

    4. In-depth Analysis

    Get all relevant call reports, live analytics, and campaign reports