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International SMS


SMS International lets users send text messages to all mobile phones around the world from any electronic device. With our bulk sms service you can send text messages to more than 800 operators in more than 20000 countries using mass message alerts.

International SMS Service Provider

SMS platform that is simple, secure, and dynamic lets you reach a global audience with bulk SMS. Sending messages to your clients globally is made easy with our global SMS service. The Hence Digital Telematics offers are great for generating leads from international markets as they are reliable and scalable.

More than 33 countries are supported by our dual-way texting numbers. Over 12 countries will be available, and for the rest, you can choose your own number. SMS campaigns require users to text a keyword to a texting number in order to participate in any SMS poll. In a number of countries, we offer local SMS texting numbers. Our SMS campaigns are available in the top 12 countries: Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Ireland, and Hong Kong, Brazil.

International SMS service features:

  • Dual way SMS messaging, to send and receive text messages worldwide
  • Web interface for full control over our account
  • Access to HTTP, REST, and SMPP SMS API
  • Access to our web SMS applications
  • Intelligent message sending software, for instant delivery
  • Dynamic sender id originator
  • Binary sender ID support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, VIP cards, and our messages with headers
  • Delivery reports
  • Unicode SMS to support all languages
  • International texting numbers (shared and dedicated)

SMS replies for international destinations:

If you have the wish to receive SMS replies from international destinations, be sure to use 27126 as the sender ID. Local numbers of all the countries are mapped to the shortcode 27126, which means that you don’t need to worry about the sender ID for each of the countries; we will select it for you. The local sender ID, as well as the replies, will be mapped to 27126 automatically. Users will receive text messages on their local numbers from the countries they are dealing with.

What are the benefits of SMS International?

The popularity of international SMS is due to several factors, including its low cost, its high effectiveness, and its reliability. Global SMS is ideal for communications that require high levels of delivery confidence. Travel delay and cancellation notifications, marketing messages, and billing notifications and reminders are extremely popular.

SMS generates a greater level of customer engagement and response than other forms of electronic communication since 90% of messages are read within 90 seconds. An SMS has a much higher open rate than an email, and it has a much greater impact than a tweet. Sending international SMS is a great way to connect with customers almost anywhere in the world.

What is the best way to send bulk SMS online?

Send bulk SMS online with Hence Digital Telematics by following these steps:

1.DLT Registration Is Necessary

2.Sign up for Bulksmsplans

3.Buy credits for SMS

4.Adding or uploading contacts

5.Write your SMS in English or a language popular in your region.

6.Personalize your campaigns easily with merge fields, insert short links, attach files, send surveys, and more! Schedule or send your message today!

7.Track real-time campaign delivery and click reports

Online SMS: How do I receive it?

In India, you can receive SMS online from your customers by using an inbound long code (10-digit number), missed call number, or dual VMNS. Dedicated long codes or keywords can be purchased to set up an SMS address and receive replies. You will not be charged for receiving messages, and your customers will only be charged their standard network fees. With Hence Digital Telematics, all messages will appear in your account, so you can view them whenever you want. You can also choose to receive all inbound messages via email for free.