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About this Service

Hence Digital Telematics.com lets you send and receive SMS messages online from your customers using keywords, long codes, and short codes. The received SMS are stored inside the inbox. This inbox is easily accessible and can also be easily responded to and managed using a variety of tools provided under our plans and services.

Customers can send text messages to the long code and get the desired response from applications by sending them to the virtual mobile number. A virtual mobile number can be used to request-response, obtain information on demand, and activate any service. Long codes can be found on the plastic wrap of cold drinks or on the packets of detergents, biscuits, or other FMCG products.

With a simple SMS, customers can easily gain access to your services, ask for more information, or even express interest in your products and services. You can also manage and create your inbox by using special keywords on shared numbers or by simply using dedicated numbers.


Shared short and long codes are effective for getting your SMS marketing activity started. Short and long codes make it easier, cost-effective, and impactful to reach your customers directly.


In addition to existing customers, office employees, vendors, and sales force of the company, SMS virtual numbers are also ideal for other closed group target audiences. With a 2 way SMS system, they can regularly communicate with each other.


Services provided by Hence Digital Telematics.com


1. The long code number we provide for each messenger account has a dedicated free keyword.

2.    On any of the available long codes, you can choose your own business keyword.

3.    Configure multiple inboxes using multiple keywords with a dedicated long code, a 10 digit number.

4.    The smartphone can read QR codes instantly, so it saves the users time when interacting with our application, which is completely free to use.